Marici Clip Operations

Marici Clip

While browsing a website, it is possible to "clip" (or bookmark) a page as a topic for the Marici map. Since users who clip the same page are automatically linked, pages that other users have clipped will appear as related information within the map.

Browser Setup

To use the Marici clip function, it is necessary to set up a button in the browser. Instructions are as follows. (InternetExplorer)

Marici clip

  1. Right-click on the Marici clip button(above).
  2. From the right-click menu, select "Add to My Favorites."
  3. If the security warning “Adding ‘My Favorites’ may not be safe. Do you wish to continue?” appears, enter "Yes." (This operation is safe.)
  4. From the "My Favorites" dialog box, click the "folder" button to select a folder.
  5. Select the "Links" folder and press "OK"
  6. The Marici clip function will be added to the browser.

To Save a Clip

After logging in to Marici, open a page of interest. Click on the Marici clip button in the browser to display the registered Marici clip screen.

"To attach text from within a page"

When you want to extract text from within a page, drag the mouse over the text to highlight it then click the Marici clip. The highlighted text from the page will be inserted into selected Marici clip quotation field.

"To attach an image"

Pictures on a site, if any, are listed in the image list and can be attached to topics text. By selecting the images, the URL will be added to the quotation field. At this time, the private checkbox will automatically be checked. To delete a selected image, delete the corresponding URL in the quotation field..

* Caution- Referencing or quoting copyrighted material without permission may lead to legal action.

[ Topic Name ]

The title of a clipped page is automatically inserted. The contents can be revised.

[ Quotations ]

The text and the URL of an image in a clipped page are entered into these fields. The contents can be revised and added.

[ Notes ]

The memo can be added as a topic "note." Notes by all users on a linked topic can be viewed chronologically as "everyone's notes."

[ Tags ]

A tag can be attached to a clipped topic. This is convenient when searching for a similar topic. Also if another user has already clipped that page, the tag is added to the “Recommended Tags.” When the tag is selected, it is automatically inserted in the tag field.

[ Private ]

Check the "Private" checkbox to hide the topic from the view of other users. In that case, the topic cannot be seen by others, and whether a page has been clipped or not is not shown.

[ Map ]

Click on the map pull down menu and select the name of the map where you wish to insert a clip. If there is not a suitable map for the page, a new map can be created. It is also possible to select an archive temporarily and move it to a suitable map at a later time.

[ Accept ]

Click the "Accept" button to save any edited information.

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